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Herbal Medicines for Cough I Herbal Treatment Cough: Herbal medicines are the most natural way of treating the variety of health conditions. These medicines are effective, secure and free from any side effects. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer herbal medicine. A cough & cold the kind of common illness that people face most frequently. There are many herbal cough syrups available to treat this condition. Here, this page is sharing with you some best herbal cough syrup brands available in the market.

1. Dabur Honitus- Dabur Honitus cough syrup is the one of the most popular honey-based herbal syrup banner. It provides effective and fast ease from cold and cough without any side-effects.  It brings together the benefits of tulsi, banapsha and mulethi.

2. Divya Swasari Pravahi- Swasari Pravahi is an ayurvedic expectorant comes from the Patanjali Divya herbal  Pharmacy. This medicine has been prepared from the popular herbs that help in curing asthmatic infections, flu and cough. It also builds the immunity of the body.

3. Baidyanath Bhringrajasava- Bhringrajasava is oldest and trusted herbal medicine preparing ayurvedic medications. The Bhringrajasava is an expectorant and is very helpful for a healing cough,  cold and bronchial diseases. This cough syrup has been made with pipal, cloves, bhringaraj, haritaki, jaggery, chaturjat and dhaataki.

4. Himalaya Koflet – Himalaya Koflet is an excellent reliever from a cough. This syrup is good for both a dry and productive cough. It reduces irritation and spasms related to this illness. This is both mucolytic and expectorant that helps in providing relief.

5. Zandu Zefs Cough Syrup- Zandu Zefs is a natural herbal expectorant for a cough and cold. It is the best herbal treatment for both productive and non-productive coughs. This cough syrup provides relief from inflammation related catarrhal conditions, smoker’s cough, asthma, laryngitis, bronchitis etc.

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