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Venu Agarwal Das (Certified Dietician)

[B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics with 2 years diploma in advance nutrition]

Venu Agarwal Das Certified Dietician
Venu Agarwal Das (Certified Dietician)

Service Offered by Venu Das:

Weight loss, weight gain, child nutrition, cute health issues with the help of home-cooked food only.

Fees starting: INR 2000/- only
Contact details- 9389505648/8445466714
Total 3 years of experience
Degree- BSc nutrition and Dietetics+2 years diploma in advance nutrition
Other Speciality: Reiki healer

If somebody wants to lose weight then here is a complete guide for you by her:

Venu Agarwal Das provides online diet services for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Customized Diet Plan for WEIGHT LOSS

It includes:

– Full day diet plan for 1 MONTH(3diets in 1month for10. 10.10 days.
– Studying your nutritional requirements
– Studying your lifestyle pattern and working on it
– Helping you lead a healthier lifestyle
– Treat your body only through a healthy diet
– No supplements or medications
– Continuous Monitoring of weight on weekly basis(you will call me if any issues)
– Help you lead a disease-free life
– It can be extended

Know more details about her diet consultancy: 

Hi myself dietitian venu agarwal das.. we are providing online diet services for weight loss
Customized Diet Plan for WEIGHT LOSS.


1. We have a detailed conversation with you over the phone to understand your requirements.
2. We then take down your height, weight, body measurements, and calculate if you need to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain weight!
3. If you have any medical conditions, we will try to understand that as well and make a health chart accordingly.
4. We will try to understand your daily routine, your eating habits, and workout routine and try to prepare your health chart as close to that as possible.
5. We will study your nutritional requirements and work accordingly to make a diet plan that best suits your needs.
6. We work not just on weight, but also overall health, mind, body, and soul. We will share your diet plan through WhatsApp.
7. We treat your body only through a healthy diet. No Supplements.
8. . We help you lead a disease-free life through our diets and health tips.
9. We attach with you available on WhatsApp throughout your program.
10. Entire Communication over the phone – Calls/Whatsapp. So anyone from India or abroad can buy our health packages.

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Get customized plans based on simple Indian foods:

✅ Prevent PCOD, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol gvrol or blood pressure issues
✅ Eat simple Indian traditional foods (aloo paratha, roti, dal/chana/rajma, bananas, all fruits and
vegetables, spices, ghee, milk/curd!)
✅ All monitoring online. Get unlimited chat over WhatsApp

❌ No fancy diets (, peanut butter, whey protein/supplements, digestive biscuits, keto)
❌ No gym/treadmill/machine workouts
❌No medicines, pills, supplements
❌ No artificial lights, high screen time, indoor/inactive lifestyle

I give weight loss diet plans totally based on homecooked food only.

✔️Guaranteed 5 to 7kgs weight loss in just 1 month, without doing the below things:

❌No Fancy Items
❌No Supplements
❌No Medicines

Package price:
1 month – ₹2000 (5 to 7kgs)
2 months -₹ 3500 (10 to 15 kgs)
3 months – ₹5000 (15 to 20 kgs)

Clients Feedback:

Call or WhatsApp her at 9389505648