Why You Should Switch to Natural/Organic Sanitary Pads?

Reasons You Should Switch to Natural/Organic Sanitary Pads: Women normally use sanitary products 5 to 6 days per month in every nation on earth. Most menstrual hygiene products are made of plastic or synthetic fibre, which is harmful to both environment and the user. Since organic feminine hygiene products are made of biodegradable materials and do not include any harmful chemicals, they are safer than synthetic ones.

Why You Should Switch to Natural/Organic Sanitary Pads?
Why You Should Switch to Natural/Organic Sanitary Pads?

We will thus discuss some powerful reasons for switching to organic sanitary napkins in this post, as well as the advantages of using organic hygiene products for your health.

Why should switch to organic sanitary pads?

  • We have typically grown up using sanitary products made of synthetic while ignoring the negative impacts on our health.
  • Although sanitary pads made of synthetic effectively trap moisture within they serve as a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal illnesses. It may result in discomfort, allergic reactions to the plastic, and vaginal and vulvar inflammation. Additionally, it can cause cervical cancer and other inflammatory illnesses of the pelvis.
  • With plastic or synthetic-based ordinary pads, it is necessary that they are changed frequently to avoid bacterial build-up.

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  • Sanitary napkins are usually dumped outside, clogging drains and polluting the soil, or tossed into ponds, rivers, and lakes, contaminating the water and the species that live there.
  • These sanitary goods for menstruation do not produce in an environmentally friendly manner, and they also include a fragrance that causes skin irritation.

In addition, there are 6 powerful reasons for switching to organic cotton sanitary napkins. Here are some major health benefits of Natural Sanitary Pads.

  1. Affordable & Well Hygienic Menstruation-Compared to the price of ordinary

made sanitary pads, organic cotton pads are more affordable—and they don’t cause the same horrifying environmental harm or risk of causing skin irritation! 100% organic cotton pads are beneficial for the environment and your skin because they don’t include hazardous chemicals like dangerous pesticides or herbicides.

  1. No Risk of Infection or disease- Menstrual cycles are made rash-free when using soft cotton pads. As these products are made of completely natural ingredients and contain no chemicals at all. Using them, therefore, carries no risk of rash, eczema, Infertility, UTIs, or other infectious diseases. Keep in mind the health effects of chemicals as well as the discomfort and irritability linked to ordinary pads.
  2. Organic Sanitary Pads are Highly Absorbent-These multi-layered organic cotton pads have a high absorption rate. Cotton has a hole for air to enter, thus odour is never even a problem. Therefore, it is not necessary to use any of the fragrant substances.
  3. Stay Comfortable and More Sustainable-We all know that cotton is more comfortable to wear than synthetic material. Its top sheet, which is made of organic cotton, is soft and natural to the touch, breathable, and highly sustainable, so you’ll always feel comfortable and fresh no matter the temperature.
  4. Eco-friendly-Synthetic menstrual pads are a significant source of pollution. In contrast, organic menstrual pads are entirely manufactured of natural materials that are safe for the environment and the skin, such as unbleached cotton, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, bamboo charcoal pads, and plant starch, and they are chemical-free.
  5. Biodegradable 

The purpose of biodegradable natural sanitary pads is to give you a safe and comfortable menstrual experience. The biodegradable hygienic pads are made of a natural fibre mixture, and they are produced with consideration for a woman’s comfort, health, and the environment. Additionally, because biodegradable products tend to decompose more quickly than pads made of synthetic fibre or plastic, they are not only excellent for your health but also for the environment.

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