5 Best Pregnancy Test Kits | Easy Way to Get Pregnancy Result Quickly

5 Best Pregnancy Test Kits | Easy Way to Get Pregnancy Result Quickly: Motherhood is all lady’s dream and this makes a lady excited to know whether she is pregnant or not. If you are very eager to know the result before visiting a doctor. There are a lot of pregnancy test kits available in the medical stores, yet just a modest bunch of them are trusted because some of the pregnancy test kits do not show the exact result, therefore, it is essential for ladies to know which pregnancy testers are best and trustworthy.

Here are listed below the name of the pregnancy Kit that you can trust enough.

  1. Prega News Pregnancy Test Pack

This kits requires you to include only 3 drops of pee in this kit, after 5 minutes and get the result, If results show negative you might want to test the next day. Test the first urine sample of the day, do not check twice in a day as the probability of same results will be more.

  1. I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

I-Can is manufactured by Piramal Enterprises and is one of the very well marketed Pregnancy Test Kit and hence normally known. This kit needs to be used when you urinate for the first in the day. By this way, you get accurate results for your pregnancy. I-Can consists of a pregnancy revealing strip, It can be used only once, and a dropper, which is a not re-usable one.

  1. Accutest Pregnancy Test Kit

To get the proper results for your pregnancy, you can also go for Accutest,  three drops of urine are put on the tester Kit, you get the accurate results within three minutes. This tester is available in Rs. 40 at different medical stores.

  1. Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test Kit

Clearblue is the best pregnancy test equipment that can be used 4 days before the period date.

In order to use it put the kit in the urine collected in the clean container. Keep the color change tip down while testing for  5 seconds. Do not take out the tip before 5 seconds till the color change tip turns pink. Keep the test strip flat for nearly 3 minutes and the accurate results would be displayed.

  1. Velocit Pregnancy Kit

Many ladies prefer using Velocit Pregnancy Kit, The kit comes with a dropper, a desiccant that helps in avoiding moisture and protecting the kit for the user, One of the good features of this kit is that it allows you to check your pregnancy very fast. Within a minute or two, and you find out you are pregnant or not.

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