Bathing With Hot Water Is Good Or Bad?

Bathing With Hot Water Is Good Or Bad, Things To Know: During the winter time, many people love taking a soak or shower in hot water to warm up and shake off the chill but it can ruin your skin by drying out it out if water is too hot. Although there are many individual benefits of hot water, tub time may feel like a good.

Bathing with hot water gives-

Relaxation Muscle, tendons, and joints- At the same time, Hot water can treat pain in muscles and joints caused by arthritis, muscle tissue, and fatigue. Warmth will stimulate flow and blood circulation. Although no permanent cure, five-minute hot water baths can decrease discomfort, stimulate healing reducing inflammation.

Cleaning the skin- Clogged skin pores can cause blemishes and accumulation of toxins in the skin. Hot water will open the skin pores, making it easy to clean, and all the dirt was loose. Rinse with cold water, so the skin pores will close again.

Relieve Stress- Hat water baths are the perfect way to unwind. For an extra calming effect, try adding in eucalyptus or lavender essential oils, which have been proven to help decrease stress.

Lowering our blood pressure- A study has claimed that soaking in a hot bath can also lower your blood pressure. This is a great system for those heart conditions that have to watch out for spikes in their blood pressure.

Relieves a cough- Steam from the hot water can relieve and get rid of cold and cough. As the hot water and steam tend to clear your airways and help in decongesting your nose and throats Causing coughing sputum or throat discomfort. Adding eucalyptus oil to the skin or into the air will make you breathe easier.

Bathing with hot water, unfortunately, is bad for your skin and can disrupt the skin’s natural balance of moisture, robbing you of the oils, fats, and proteins that keep skin healthy. Dried skins can raise your probability of infection and actually lead to a production of natural oils in an effort to compensate for the lack of moisture.

As per Ayurveda, hot water should be used for cleaning the whole body as hot water is harmful to the eyes and hair. It also depends upon the temperature of one’s whole body. A person with excessive heat within your body should bathe with water at temperatures lower than their body’s and the other vice versa.

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