Easy & Effective Dehydration Home Remedies

Easy & Effective Dehydration Home Remedies: Dehydration is referred to as a lack of total body water in human biology. This occurs when our body is unable to maintain the proper ratio of electrolytes and fluids. When the body’s water content is insufficient, the body’s salt-sweet or sugar-to-sugar ratio changes, leading to dehydration. It usually happens due to sickness, intense physical work, or a hot atmosphere.

Easy & Effective Dehydration Home Remedies
Easy & Effective Dehydration Home Remedies

There may be numerous contributing factors that result in a body water shortage, let’s find the causes of dehydration:

Dehydration Causes

A few risk factors for dehydration include:

  • Exercising in hot, humid weather,
  • Living at high altitudes,
  • Endurance sports or level of physical activity
  • Side effects of a variety of medical procedures and medications.
  • Prolonged sweating, nausea, and/or diarrhoea
  • Some diets can contribute to dehydration.

Dehydration Treatment at Home

Home Made Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)

An oral rehydration solution (ORS) made at home is the primary treatment for dehydration.

Mix 5-6 tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon salt in a jar of 1-litre water. To make sure the solution is not saturated, check. Eat it several times per day. It is one of the simplest and most popular natural remedies for dehydration.


An electrolyte imbalance in the body leads to dehydration. Simply put, our bodies usually lack essential potassium and mineral elements when we are dehydrated. Potassium, one of the most crucial electrolytes, is rich in bananas. Therefore, eating a meal high in potassium and banana should help you relieve the symptoms and correct any mineral shortages in your body.


Buttermilk is also an effective home remedy to treat dehydration. Due to its abundance of magnesium, potassium, and other minerals, buttermilk aids in the replenishment of the body’s lost minerals.

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Rice water can be beneficial because it contains minerals that support the body’s electrolyte balance and keep you hydrated without depleting vital nutrients. For diarrhoea patients who are sick and lose a lot of fluid, it may be extremely beneficial. A glass of rice water, which is made from cooked rice, will give you more energy for those who have constant fatigue or exhaustion.


Coconut water might be the ideal fluid for refilling depleted electrolytes and rehydrating the body.

The abundance of electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and manganese in coconut water can help with hydration levels and balance electrolytes more effectively than ordinary water in this situation.


Curd is also a useful remedy to treat the issue of dehydration. A sizeable amount of the helpful bacteria in curd benefit your body’s well-being.


Barley water is a pretty popular beverage that is mostly known as a healthy summer beverage. This is because it not only keeps the fluid and electrolyte balance that dehydration causes in the body but also helps to prevent heat stroke.

The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus included in barley grains help minerals and water to relieve dehydration when ingested in the form of barley water.

Making barley water at home is simple. Simply mix a cup of barley with three to four cups of water, bring to a boil, let cool, and then strain. By drinking the mixture periodically all day, you may manage the symptoms of dehydration. For flavour, sprinkle on a little salt.

Prevention of Dehydration

  • Drink lots of water and eat meals high in water, such as fruits and vegetables, to avoid being dehydrated.
  • Drinking enough water or fluids is the best way to prevent dehydration when you’re playing or working outside in the Sun.
  • Drinking more water during hot weather or when you are sick.
  • Drink enough water or other liquids to avoid bodily fluid loss if you are sweating more than usual.
  • Adults should consume 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to keep their bodies hydrated.

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