Easy & Effective Hair Care Tips After Straightening

Easy & Effective Hair Care Tips After Straightening: You need to be very careful about your hair after going through hair straightening. You should be also very careful about the hair care products which you use after straightening your hair. So Read on to find more about taking care of hair after straightening.

Easy & Effective Hair Care Tips After Straightening

1. Use always good hair brush- After you are done straightening the hair, Use a wide tooth hair comb to detangle the hair always. Ensure brushing the hair twice a day so that the hair stands do not get twisted with each other. Additionally, brushing the hair twice a day will help it look newly made.

2. Oil Massage- Massage your hair with coconut oil, olive or amla oil whichever suits your hair type twice a week. For better results, after you oil your hair, wrap it with a hot towel for 10 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly after an hour.

3. Use herbal shampoo- After straightening hair, a chemical based shampoo might damage the help of your hair from its root. Since the market is filled with herbal shampoos that consist of the goodness of essential nutrients  they will revitalize your hair from the root to the tip, and if you have dandruff, application of herbal shampoo will aid you to get rid of dandruff within a single wash

4. Use A Good Conditioner-  If you want your hair to become soft and attractive, after straightening hair,  you must use a conditioner but, while choosing a conditioner for yourself, you must ensure that it is alkaline free and belongs to a good quality brand for straightened hair regularly for better and smooth hair.

5. Do Not Use A Blow Dryer on wet hair- Smoothened hair is generally manageable. After you wash your straightened hair you must allow it to dry naturally because the heat coming from your dryer will make your hair extremely dry and this, in turn, will make your hair looks dull.

6. Do Not Use Hair Sprays- When you straighten your hair, your hairstylist may have used various remedies to make your hair smooth. If you are using hair sprays, including of toxic chemicals can damage your hair.

7. Hair spas- To keep the health and shine of your straightened hair, you must visit a salon for hair spa, or you can do it all by yourself at home.

All you need is a steaming pot of hot water and a clean, dry towel, you have to take your towel and cover the pot of steaming water with it. Once you think that the towel has become moist, wrap it around your head to allow your hair to absorb the moisture.  Then remove the towel after 10 minutes and allow your hair to stay loose. You will see the result of the absorbed moisture in your hair once it has dried.

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