Easy Skin Care Tips For Summer Season, Healthy & Cool Skin In Hot Season (Sunny Climates)

Easy Skin Care Tips For Summer Season, Healthy & Cool Skin In Hot Season (Sunny Climates): A Sunny day does wonder your mood but it can be harmful to your skin. UVB rays that cause sunburns and UVA rays lead to the signs of aging skin like brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. UV rays can directly cause damage to your skin’s DNA by producing free radicals.

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin can be difficult, however, not impossible. Here are ways to shield your skin this summer. Protect your skin for the hot season(Sunny Climates) with these easy tips!

Clean Twice a Day: Wash your face in the at least two times a day (morning and evening )with the cleanser that removes dirt, oil, and make-up for clean and refreshed skin.

Drink Plenty of Water: If you want to keep your skin’s glow intact, Drink at the least 8 glasses of water to prevent dehydration and thirst getting the worst of you.

Hydrate Skin: As the air contains little water, it’s going to rob your skin of its natural moisture so replenish skin by applying a moisturizer every morning and night time.

Use Sun Block: During hot season your pores and skin needs more care and protection. Apply spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30) or keep with you always and follow it for sun protection.

Use a Facial Toner: If your skin tends to be oily, use a toner immediately after cleansing to remove excess oil without stripping your skin’s essential moisture

Apply Rosewater: As an immediate skin cooler, it’s a good idea to keep rose water in a spray bottle and apply it to refresh your skin in a moment. This could prove refreshing and keep your skin healthy and fresh in spite of the heat.

Wear Cool Clothes: Your clothes can relieve heat from your body. Wear broad-brimmed hats to protect your face from Sun tan, some loose cotton clothing to keep away from sweat-trapping that may otherwise lead to pimples.

A healthy skin comes from eating well and summer season is the appropriate time to make dietary changes for the better. Eat as much as fruits and vegetables, in salads,  raw steamed,  or as a part of a recipe dish. Pick colorful of fruit and vegetable, make sure that you’re getting all of the antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs. A good diet will assist to make the healthy and glowing skin.

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