Effects Of Junk Foods On Face

Effects Of Junk Foods On Face: Food that falls under the category of junk foods include French fries or potato chips as they are commonly referred,  Hamburgers, Hot dogs, soft drinks and such like. Although these foods are very delicious to the mouth, the truth is that they are a health danger. Fast foods or junk foods are known to cause health related diseases, acne and pimples when consumed without restraint.

As per the dictionary meaning of junk food, it is considered something useless, something that is not needed. Not only are those foods extremely unhealthy, they also impact your skin and face Here’s how.

Effects Of Junk Foods On Face

Foods with high glycemic load Bad for Skin

These foods lead to excess secretion of insulin and androgens during the high and low bouts respectively. A major reason to contribute to surplus sebum production, enhanced skin cell division, and place of dead skin cells leading to acne.

Foods Bad for Skin- Processed foods

Processed foods and its products, canned and sweetened fruits and juices are low in fiber content, thus increasing the glycemic load.  As a by-product of processing, these lose the nutrients of the parent food products important for skin health.

Foods Bad for Skin- Fried foods and hydrogenated fat

Excess heat application like during frying of foods and production of hydrogenated fat leads to oxidation of fatty acids and damage of antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E, omega-3 fats present in the oils/fat. Generation of trans-fatty acids promotes free radical production by creating a the oxidation process.

Excess Salt Bad for Skin-

Excess salt retains additional fluid in the body causing swelling and a puffy look to the skin. The skin texture is ruined by prolonged salt abuse. Papads, Pickles, salted foods, table salt,  are the potential sources of salt to the body.

Excess Caffeine Bad for Skin

Caffeine is a known stimulant which increases the cortical production in the body and enhances the aging process by thinning the skin. This dehydrates the skin and even leads to wrinkling. Moreover, caffeine is a diuretic which further increases the risk of dehydration.

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