Home Remedies For Body Pain

There are millions of people who have arthritis or joint pain around the world. Lots of people who have arthritis have medical insurance or the financial means to acquire medical help to assist them in living life easily with their condition. For these people, there are many competent home remedies. Here, you will find many of the effective home remedies for gout pain that have proven successful too many people for many years.

Epsom salt warm water bath

The first and very simple & effective home remedy for joint pain is quite easy and can be done by anyone. Epsom Salt Hot Epsom baths are very useful for this remedy as the skin absorbs the sodium and increases veins circulation.

The heat that the water has will assist to soothe arthritis by soothing inflammation and giving more flexibility in joint movement.  If you are comforted by cool water, you may also choose to relax in a tub of cool water instead of warm water.


An effective and very common home remedy for arthritis/ joint pain is consuming garlic cloves. Garlic has been known to relieve the symptoms of swelling joints for many years.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric is a long used by the people India to help reduce inflammation pain caused by arthritis Simply adding the turmeric powder to your daily food is supposed to give the anti-inflammatory advantages to your body system.

Lime Juice

Lime juice has the unique property of being able to liquefy the uric acid crystals in our bodies before they can build up to dangerous stages resulting in arthritis symptoms and the fact that lime juice is very affordable and easy to consume.

Potato Juice

An efficient remedy for a joint disease is potato juice. You just make a juice from potatoes and then drink the juice. Many older joint disease patients bring this remedy for joint disease to us from many generations of efficient use

Regular exercise

Regular exercise, yoga improve the blood vessels flow helping in strengthening the joint parts. It also keeps the body weight in control and prevents crippling of the limbs.

Drink water in large quantity 8-10 glasses per day will flush away toxins and dilute.

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