How to take care of baby boy & girl in first month of birth

The first month of your baby’s life can be a little rough. You are getting to know your baby, and know what they need and how to care for them.


Expect your baby to need to feed at least 6 times /24 hours at 1 month of age. If they are breastfeeding this could increase up to 12 times.


Your baby will probably sleep 12-18 hours a day between regular feedings.  Do not let your one-month-old baby sleep through the night.


You might see some early gains when your child is 1 month old, yet these are probably going to be expected to their reflexes, as opposed to being responsive.

Crying is upsetting to guardians and their children. Build up a scope of encouraging reactions and try them hard and fast.


Children are prepared to look for their parents’ confronts, tune into their voices and hand over the heading of human sound. Early interactive experience will help your child’s mind to develop and find out about the world.


Most babies regain their birth weight within the first 2 weeks after birth. An average weight gain at this age is between 150-200grams/week.  Breastfeeding babies normally gain a lot of weight in the first few months of life.

Keeping Well

Your baby will be due for their first immunisations in one month. Hand washing is the number one method of controlling infections and minimizing contamination. After you change your baby’s nappy and before feeding them, wash your hands and dry them well.

Staying Safe

Get into the habit of raising your baby’s cot sides before your walk away. Active babies can wriggle and squirm and need to be watched particularly carefully.

Whatever your child may be doing, just encourage them to grow and learn at their own pace.

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