5 Common Sexual Health Problems Indian Women Face at An Early Age

Common Sexual Health Problems Indian Women Face: Women typically start having sexual problems at an early age. This can be caused by a variety of things, such as orgasms, UTI infections, hormonal changes during puberty, low testosterone and low libido, an unbalanced lifestyle, and more. Let’s focus on the common sexuality problems that young Indian women experience.

5 Common Sexual Problems Indian Women Face at An Early Age
5 Common Sexual Problems Indian Women Face at An Early Age

1. Orgasm

Purdah has been a common tradition in Indian society since its inception. Women had to fall behind men in every sector, yet they continued to enjoy freedom. Today’s society values women equally to men. She still feels uncomfortable speaking candidly about some topics, though. Sex is one of those topics. Women are hesitant to talk about it or are too shy to speak up. Women have orgasms far more slowly than men. Most women believe that having sex is only their husband’s obligation or meant to support them. However, having sex is a natural behaviour. Some women struggle to understand orgasm, and some do not even know it. The main causes of this could be several, lack of understanding of sex, a lousy relationship, a bad attitude, and a lack of excitement during sex.

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2. Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections affect women more often than men. About 13 out of 50 women have an infection in their urine that usually starts at an early age. Urinary infections that cause burning, itching, and odour in women’s genitalia, and a prickling sensation when urinating is the major cause. If there is a history of UTI in a woman’s family, then future generations may also experience this issue. And the diabetic woman could have to deal with the issue of recurring urinary infections. Because of elevated blood pressure and blood sugar, the bladder cannot completely empty itself, forcing you to pass urine repeatedly. This makes infection risks even more likely. For unknown reasons, women occasionally consume less water. Additionally, there is a chance of urinary infection as a result.

A woman has been observed to have multiple sex partners that too without any safety is another cause of UTI Problems. In India, most people continue to practise open defecation. It’s also a significant factor. Even after using a dirty toilet, a urine infection develops quite quickly.

3. Vaginal Infection

Women who have sex at a young age frequently experience vaginal infections as a result. Teenagers’ bodies are badly impacted by having sex because women’s brains are not yet fully matured at this age. It also has an impact on how the body and brain develop. Early sex raises the likelihood of developing a vaginal infection, according to a study. This virus is so awful that it is contributing to the rise in the number of illnesses

4. Low Testosterone and Low Libido

The hormone testosterone has sex more exciting for both men and women. One hormone that declines with age is testosterone. In some cases, a sickness caused by a deficiency of this hormone in the body makes people less interested in having sex. Some women struggle with having low libidos at an early age. This causes them to become disinterested in sex and can result in stress, physical weakness or a medical condition.

5. Menstruation Issues

Some women start menstruating at a very young age. She is not fully aware of the circumstances of this situation, or the parents do not give full knowledge of this subject, this is also an important issue which women have to face especially in rural areas in India. Because they are unaware of sanitary pads, some women choose to use unclean clothes and other unhygienic alternatives which lead to a variety of issues such as vaginal itchiness, burning, and skin rashes. Later, these relatively small issues lead to sexual problems.

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