Slipped Disc Exercises | Home Remedies | Treatment at Home

Slipped Disc Exercises | Home Remedies | Treatment at Home: Slipped discs can happen for many reasons. There are a lot of elderly people suffer from it as well as younger people through lifting incorrectly or from a trauma injury. There are various types of exercise treatments applied by patients at home. which can be a great diagnostic tool in this cases.

These exercises not only help in reducing the pain but also activate muscle movement. Best Exercise, Home Remedies For Slipped Disc In Lower Back.

Exercise 1 – Crunches

Lie down on the flat surface with knees bend. Cross your both arm under your head, raise your head and chest in such a way that your rib cage curl interiorly towards your backbone. Do this exercise slowly and gradually. Repeat it daily and Raise the number of turns as you gain strength.

Exercise 2- Air bike

Sit on a chair with your chest and shoulders supported. make straight your knees and feet together and then bring them towards your body and do a pedaling motion in the air then repeat the same motion while moving your knees farther away from the body. Repeating these movements ten times .

Exercise 3 – Lower Back Extension

Lie in an upside down position, elevate your upper body with the support of elbow and hold up yourself in elevated position for a short period and then slowly lower down. During this exercise, you do not raise your pelvis girdle.

Exercise 4 – Lumbar Roll

Lie down on a flat surface with your knee bent, feet lying on the floor and move your legs together towards the right side and your left side. Repeating these movements 5 times on each side.

Exercise 5 – Walking

Walking every day keeps your muscle disorders away. Walking can also help to prevent herniated/slipped disc. Walk on a flat road for 20 minutes as many times as you can in a day. Take longer steps as it will help you to keep away the pain of slipped disc. Do not give strain to yourself as it might raise the pain.

Exercise 6 – Heat Or Cold Therapy

You can get various types of water bags available in the market. Use either or both hot and cold water bags on the area you feel the extreme pain.

Exercise 7 – Massage With Essential Oils

Massage with essential oils on the full body or especially on the spine and lower back areas will help the growth of new cells and good blood circulation and help. It will help relieve pain and support better absorption of oxygen and nutrients. Essential oils will also redevelop the cells of the disc and hence stop the disc from getting slipped.

Slipped discs can be really painful but with the right treatment and precautions, you can become as fit as you were before. The above mentioned best exercises for slipped disc, So start taking home remedies.

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