Why Momos Are The Worst Street Food Ever

Delhi’s famous street food has rampaged within the country. It is being said that and stalls of Momos who sell them on the side of the streets are in place. But are you aware of how truthful they are to your health? Momo Vendor is using Ajinomoto to increase its test. The Momo has 17 varieties used in Delhi. Ajinomoto is considered to be worse than alcohol and narcotics. Doctors also say it is bad for health.

Why Momos Are The Worst Street Food Ever

The most unhealthy food you get on the streets, but let us tell you that Momoz is probably the most unhygienic street food, and there are many reasons for this, the way it is made, there is nothing in it that it should be eaten. Let’s understand in details-

Why Momos Are The Worst Street Food Ever

Moms are made with Maida, which is the stiff part of the grain after the removal of its fibrous bran. Then there are many chemicals in it, Because of the chemical that gives it the soft, refined texture. The most adverse effect of the chemicals present in the field is on pancreatitis, which in turn affects its insulin-producing capacity. The ingredients used in it is of poor quality. The vegetables used in memos or chicken are usually stale or very poor quality. In fact, most of the chicken, which is sold on the streets, can make you critically ill. There is a full apprehension of the presence of e-coli bacteria, which can make you seriously ill. The vegetables present in Momos are also of very poor quality.

Not only this, According to Reddy Shankar Babu, Chief Executive Officer of Delhi Cantt Board, he has received news that 70 vending zones of Cantt area and some shopkeepers of the markets are selling meat in the momos with the meat of dogs.

Once the complaint was received, action has already been started on the shop. The order to check the quality of Mamo was issued. If Momos’ quality is poor, then the shopkeeper’s goods have been seized and the shop has been asked to close down.

At the end, If you are not able to control yourself, then make Momos at home and use more fiber grains and fresh vegetables.

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