Diet Plan For Old Age (60+ Years) Person

Diet Plan For Old Age (60+ Years) Person: Eldercare includes the planning of diet for the elderly. This can be challenging as there are some factors that can cause a depression in the appetite of an old age person. Seniors may also experience severe changes in their digestive pattern that may make it difficult for them to eat certain things. It is important to consider these when planning diet.

The eating habits and appetites of elderly people can be affected by a number of factors including the difficulty of preparing a meal for one person as well as the low desire to eat alone. Many elderly people may be affected by difficulties in chewing, decreased physical activity, attacks of depression or lowered interest in meals as well as the incapability to taste certain foods.

If you are in and are planning a diet for the elderly, you should take all these factors into consideration. You may otherwise plan for the diet that they either have no interest in or cannot prepare.

When planning diet, it is important to consider the different foods and their nutritive value. Not all foods that have the same calorific value will have the same nutritive value.

Menu Plan Old Age Person

  • Early Morning: Tea
  • Breakfast: Broken wheat porridge, Poached Egg, Toast with butter, Apple
  • Mid-Morning: Coffee, Biscuits
  • Lunch: Lentil Dal, Palak Saag, Salad, Chapattis, Fruit Custard
  • Evening Tea: Vegetable Upma with Tea
  • Dinner: Lauki Kofta Curry, Potato  and cauliflower (dry), Grated Carrot Salad,  Boondi Raita, Chapattis/Rice
  • Bedtime: Milk

Keeping all the things in mind, giving a proper diet to the elder persons will keep them free from a lot of the diseases and they would be able to lead a happy and active life. A proper diet, exercise, and a healthy environment are important for adding pleasant years to the life of elderly. Also, it is the fact that Every person of us has to reach this phenomenon of nature one day or the other, presented we are lucky enough.

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