Does Excessive Masturbation Affect Your Kidneys?

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is a simple, non-partner-required approach to satisfy your sexual needs. Or, to put it simply, it is a self-sex method of generating sexual arousal-related physical and mental satisfaction. To do this, people use their fingers, hands, sex toys, and everyday objects like vibrators.

Masturbation, whether performed by a man or a woman, is the act of stimulating one’s genitalia for sexual enjoyment. However, when it goes beyond the limit, it begins to manifest its negative effects. Masturbation addiction can damage your relationships and your mental health and can even disrupt your social life.

Apart from this, people have many misconceptions about masturbation, there are many myths. People think that many disorders can develop in both men and women as a result of masturbation addiction such as sexual fatigue, hormonal imbalance, prostatitis, an upset liver, and low libido are some of the issues that are commonly related to masturbation addiction. People also believe that masturbation has a bad effect on the kidneys. People usually mix up the s with the truth about masturbation.

Does Masturbation really affect the kidneys?  

In this post, we will delve into some common myths and truths about masturbation and its effects on the kidneys.

  • People thought that the kidneys were where semen was made and kept. Therefore, masturbation may have an impact on the kidney but there is no scientific/medical evidence available yet. The myth is that masturbation causes kidney damage and back pain and the addition of masturbation may promote kidney stones.
  • Actually, it has been considered wrong, research has shown that masturbation does not cause any damage to the kidney or cause pain or kidney damage. None of these problems is caused by masturbation, nor are any of them related to kidney disease.
  • This knowledge’s underlying science is rather clear. Urine is used by the kidneys to dispose of waste and toxins, which are handled by kidneys. The urethra, uterus, and bladder work with the kidneys to prevent urine from passing through that could potentially harm or eliminate human sperm cells.

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  • Science has disproved another misconception regarding masturbation and kidney health. A study found that kidney health is regular by minerals and protein lost through semen. This important organ cannot be harmed by masturbation.
  • Although research on the impact of masturbation on kidney stones is lacking, no studies have found that masturbating can actually promote kidney stones.
  • When a man masturbates, the sphincter at the base of the bladder closes, and the bladder’s internal sexual plumbing closes, but it does not affect the kidneys. They keep working properly while masturbating.

About masturbation, there are several misconceptions and myths. People continue to believe in them despite the lack of scientific evidence about them.

 The following are additional myths about masturbation:  

  • Masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction
  • It is unhealthy sexual addiction
  • Masturbating may cause blindness
  • Masturbating can damage your kidneys
  • Masturbating promote hair fall
  • Masturbation has short-term benefits.
  • masturbation affects your daily life and causes emotional problems

Conclusion– There are plenty of additional masturbation myths. Fortunately, none of them has been proven by science. It is because masturbation does not result in any of the consequences. It has no connection to Kidney damage.

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