Effective and easily available medicines for dry cough

Effective and easily available medicines for dry cough: A dry cough is usually known as an unproductive cough as it does not consist of any mucous. It usually occurs due to excessive dust in the air, smoking, climatic changes, and allergens. A cough is a natural defense mechanism of the human body to clear the throat of any type of obstructions so that breathing becomes easy and possible.

There are many cough medicines available  in the market  to treat a dry cough. Most of these solutions prove to be effective but the results may vary from one person to another.

Effective and easily available medicines for dry cough

Listed below are various cough syrup to reduce the symptoms and get relief from dry coughs and easily available in the chemist shop.


Himalaya Koflet is the great reliever from a cough and cold. This product is also good for both a dry and productive cough. This is both mucolytic and expectorant that aids in giving relief. It cuts down irritation and spasms related to this ailment.


Kofol is another effective formula of natural herbs to get relief from a cough and easily available in a market. This expectorant works well for asthma, bronchial allergy, dry cough as well as reducing irritation caused by mucus.


Q-FEX is an ayurvedic cough syrup that helps to relieve both a dry and productive cough and cold. It has both the expectorant and mucolytic properties that aid in reducing cough and cold.


Honykof Syrup a highly effective herbal cough syrup formula for a dry cough & congestion. Honykof is available in delicious mint flavored taste. Honykof syrup helps in conditions such as whooping cough, cold, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitisand a sore throat etc.


Natural properties like Tulsi, Ginger, Yashtimadhu, Vasaka, and Kantkari aids fight a cough caused by dust smoke, pollution, and allergens. It is useful in all types of cough, Such as a productive cough, dry cough, smoker’s cough and chronic cough. Zeal is safe even during pregnancy.

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