Essential Tips for a Primal Woman’s Mind-blowing Pleasure

Essential Tips for a Primal Woman’s Mind-blowing Pleasure: There are many things you must do to be seen as a potential boyfriend by this girl but probably the most important is to find a way to push her subconscious attraction buttons. Primal women have the same ones, it is hard wired into them biologically speaking and it is not what they think they want from a man.

Strength & Dominance

Strength & dominance are two qualities that women find alluring in the bedroom. It displays an attractive controlling attitude over the situation. You know what you like and how to give her pleasure, so pilot her there. Surprise her with a sexual position that she loves. To expect otherwise can ruin her mood when she's expecting you to prefer the position that works the best for you.

Ways Of Doing This Include

Attaching her down with your weight. She loves to feel you on top of her and not being able to move. This turns something primal in her that revolves her into a sex-fiend. Pinning her arms down also shows this same attractive dominance, and she will love pretending to try getting out from under your grasp. If you start doing anything she's uncomfortable with, Lead slowly so she sees that, while you are taking control, you are respecting her and making sure she feels comfortable.

Give The Same Or More Effort

When you put her pleasure first she wants to reciprocate and show you that she can match your pleasure giving skills. The meeting of two lovers can turn into a challenge where each of you tries to give the other the most pleasure. Paying more attention to what pleasures her -going down on her, adding more foreplay, waiting till she orgasms first


There are many different kinds of lovers. Some speak sweetly sweet, Some talk dirty, and still, others are silent. If you can alternate between these, she will feel like she’s had sex with someone who can meet complete her needs. She wants a, a sweet one, dirty speaking lover whatever, but only you can be all of those for her in the session of sex.

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