How many carbs and calories in a banana, benefits of banana

How many carbs and calories in a banana benefits of banana: Bananas are a favorite fruit of a lot of people because of bananas sweetly delicious and nutritious. However, people who want to lose weight are concerned that how many crabs and Calories are in a banana so here the article talk about the carbohydrate and calories contain bananas.

An average  Banana will contain 27 Grams Of Carbohydrates And 100 Grams Of Calories. Banana falls into that category when you eat a banana, those carbohydrates, which include fibre and resistant starch, come with a rich source of potassium, manganese, and vitamin B6. Moreover, unripe green bananas are an even good source of starch and fibre and provide more beneficial compounds.

Most of the calories provided by a banana are carbs which are nothing but starch and sugar. The calorie contents of a banana will diverge with its ripeness. The more ripe banana is, the more calories it will have.

There are also many different varieties of banana which have different calorie levels. Bananas contain the most calories when it comes to fruits. A large orange weighing 100 grams can provide 100 calories, One apple or about 100 grams of grapes will only provide about 50 calories. somewhat similar to a banana.

The calories are provided instantly as bananas are very easy to digest. So, banana is a great snack when it is just consumed plain and as it is.  One should use common sense when having a banana in their diet. Most people include it as a healthy fruit but people have to be careful about how the banana is taken. A banana smoothie is not essentially healthy just because it has bananas in them.

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