Kids Healthy Snacks | Healthy Snacks Ideas For Tiny Tummies

Kids Healthy Snacks | Healthy Snacks Ideas For Tiny Tummies: Kids have tiny tummies and but have a big appetite and so they are unable to meet their nutrition needs with main meals. Snacking is very important for these small bundles of energy. While you are choosing snack options for kids remember that the snack provides at least one essential nutrient than calories and proteins like iron or calcium. Snacking, if done the right way, can play a vital role in managing your child’s hunger and also boosting nutrition.

Here Are A Few Healthy Snacking Ideas, Kids Will Love These Snacks

Fruit Custard- Custard is a quick and easy snack for your kids. While it has many vital nutrients found in dairy products, adding fruits like apples, pears, bananas and dry fruits like raisin, almonds can help increase the nutritional value and the taste of the custard.

Chicken kebab with Dip-If you are a non-vegetarian, Chicken as a protein rich food and is a must add to your kid’s snacks.  Homemade chicken kebabs make for a healthy snack idea. You can also serve yummy kebabs with a sauce or a healthy dip like a roasted almond dip, for an enhanced taste.

Tomato Soup- Nothing warms you up a cold winter day like homemade tomato soup. Try this natural recipe, cut out cheese with fun topping. Add into the soup for something awesome.

Smoothies- Kids love sweet, cold treats such as smoothies its fresh and easy to make and can be a healthy snack if made by adding fruits, veggies, and nuts such as almonds. Try this yummy and nutritious Almond and Soya Milk smoothie you kids will love this tasty snack.

Quesadilla- Add veggies into this kid-favorite dish to increase its nutritional profile. By adding corn and mushrooms, paneer or cabbage, you can try any combination of your kid’s favorite veggies. Serving these quesadillas with a side of tomato jazz will definitely have your kids asking for more.

Dates and Cashew vegetarian Balls- With the full nutrients of dates and cashew and the sweetness of coconut. This bite-sized and healthy rounds balls will make for a good evening snack for your kids.

Snacking can be a challenge, but if you have set the period right from the start by offering yummy and nutritious choices at home, then kids will know what to reach for when a hunger pang strikes.

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