Is Coconut Oil actually Healthy- Researchers Say No

The American Heart Association recently released an information recommending against the use of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is commonly sold as a healthier alternative to other oils, but according to the American Heart Association, it is just as unhealthy as beef drippings and butter. According to the study, coconut oil consists about 82 percent saturated fat – far better than most other oils.

Is Coconut Oil actually Healthy- Researchers Say No

It’s valued pointing out that not all saturated fats are bad for you but One benefit the study did point out about coconut oil is that it’s good for external use. A new Presidential suggested that everyone AVOID coconut oil, stating that it is high in saturated fat and raises bad cholesterol levels which they consider leads to heart disease.

Researchers didn’t see a difference between coconut oil and other oils high in saturated fat like butter, beef fat and palm oil, According to the data-far beyond pork lard 39 percent, beef fat 50 percent and butter fat 63 percent while 82 percent  fat in coconut oil is saturated, The Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advisory reviewed existing data on saturated fat, showing coconut oil increased bad cholesterol in 7 out of 7 controlled trials.

The lead author of the study, Frank Sacks, said, “people can put it on their body, but don’t put it in their body.”

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