Tips to Give Straight Women the Best Orgasm Ever

Tips to Give Straight Women the Best Orgasm Ever: Women are very different from men – as men rush straight to sex after jumping into bed. On the other hand, women take more time to get excited and get ready for sex. For women, sex starts well before getting into the bedroom. To increase your chance of making her aroused, create sexual anticipation. Here are some tips to give the best orgasm to your woman.

1. Massage Her

An erotic massage is, therefore, the way to make your woman feel relaxed and cherished. Using essential oils will make the experience more sensual.

2. Kiss And Tease Around In Her Sensitive Spot

Kissing is great foreplay and what’s even better is kissing a woman on her sensitive parts. These include her neck, lips, nipples, belly button, and clitoris. Kissing and teasing her strategically will put her in a sensual mood. Teasing her with your fingers and lips will also ensure a woman is ready and willing and will give her an explosive orgasm.

3. Communicate

Communicating during sex is the best way to get feedback and find out what women really wants in bed. Therefore, take a break from all the guessing, ask her directly what she would like you to do.

4. Go Down On Her

Oral sex for women is one of the great ways to give a woman an orgasm even before intercourse because a woman’s clitoris is the most sensitive part of her body Lick her clitoris and when she is about to climax, flick your tongue to see her gush into a mind blowing orgasm.

5. Focus On The Clitoris

94% of women achieve orgasms through clitoral stimulation. Thus, if your mission is to give her best orgasm after orgasm, focus on the clitoris and the area around it. However, do not ignore her other sensitive parts.

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