Unwanted 72 Time to Use, Symptoms, Benefits & Side Effects

Unwanted 72 is an emergency contraceptive pill that helps in reducing pregnancy chances. It should be taken within the next 72 hours post unprotected sex. But always remember, it is not a replacement for the condom, because a condom gives 99% of protection and unwanted 72 comes with a lot of side effects and must not be taken on a repeated basis. The price of course will vary as per the manufacturer or the brand of which you purchase. Such tablets are safe and said to be the most effective way that helps in preventing pregnancy after sexual intercourse which is unprotected.

Unwanted 72 Time to Use, Symtoms, Benefits & Side Effects
Unwanted 72 Time to Use, Symtoms, Benefits & Side Effects

Understanding the working mechanism:

There is no hard and fast rule for taking this medicine. Since it has been designed to control the pregnancy you need to understand that it should only be taken after a doctor’s consultation. The pill’s working mechanism is such that it controls the ovaries from releasing the egg. This way it protects the egg fertilization. It usually works by delaying the time of ovulation and thus protects the egg from getting released in the ovary for fertilization purposes. This kind of pill would protect a fertilized egg to place itself within the uterus or the fertilization inhibits the process of egg and sperm.

The right time to use Unwanted 72:

This tablet should be only used for emergency purposes. It is more like a pill that you can use as an emergency contraceptive. However, it comes with some serious side effects too for which you have to take extra precautions. In case, you already have some serious health problem like diabetes or BP then you can take it only after consulting your doctor. Remember, it is not a substitute that can be taken as the regular birth control form like a contraceptive pill or even a condom. For this to be more effective, you must take only one tablet of it which should be taken within the next 72 hours or right after the sexual activity is done.

This type of emergency contraception should be taken only when either of the contraceptive ways fails to do the job or you had unprotected sex to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy. Always remember, it is only to protect you from unplanned pregnancy and not against other sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Herpes, or Chlamydia.

When should you not be taking?

Well, this pill work only within 72 hours of post unprotected sex. After 72 hours if you take it, there is no assurance that it may or may not work

It will never lead to an abortion if the woman is already pregnant. So do not consider it an abortion pill.

The side effect that you cannot ignore:

No doubt that this is an effective pill but it is also true that it comes with ample long-term side effects. Many females often experience some of them after they consume the tablet. Some women can even experience the delayed menstruation in their upcoming cycle once they take this pill. Some noted side effects are:

  • A headache
  • Tiredness
  • Breasts tenderness
  • Medicine consumption
  • Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Dizziness
  • Body Aches
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Upset Stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Irregular Bleeding
  • Bloating
  • Nausea

Side Effects of Unwanted 72 on the Menstrual Cycle:

Of all other things, unwanted 72 also has got some really bad effects on the menstrual cycle of the woman. When the hormones are released in the body, they get ready for pregnancy each month. In case the woman doesn’t get pregnant then it is the body that starts regulating itself by discharging the blood, mucosal tissue, and even the uterus inner lining from the vagina. These are called periods.

There is an oral injection called Levonorgestrel present in Unwanted 72 that works as artificial hormones to avoid pregnancy occurrence.

Once the medicine is consumed, the chemical hormones present in the body also gets affected substantially. This eventually hampers the regular menstrual cycle of the female that results in periods delay

Depending on the phase of the monthlies when it was taken, periods can either come early or get delayed too.

There are also cases when periods get delayed because of the contraceptive nature of medicine. During the next menstrual cycle, the females who consumed this tablet may experience the usual pain or bleeding. This can be due to the uterus creating artificial lining which is made to avoid the pregnancy occurrence.

During the working of pills, there can be two ways of mechanism:

The pill would either stop the egg from getting released through the ovaries which shall be fertilized by the sperm

It may also protect the sperm from ensuring the egg will not get fertilized

In both cases, it is the egg that is focused the most to be not fertilized by the sperm and get attached to the womb.

How to use unwanted 72:

It is important to understand that medicine should be consumed at the right time. There is a specific period within which only it can show the effects which is within 72 hours after having unprotected sex.

When the woman takes such a tablet; they need to stop taking the birth control pills on that day. They however can resume for the other pills the next day

This is an oral tablet that has to be taken once the food is consumed. Emergency contraception which many people also called the morning-after pill is used for more than one time can hamper the fertility of the woman. It may not protect her from being a mom in the future. Women must always feel free for using EC whenever it is needed. Even if sometimes it is called the morning after pill but it can show its effect only up to three days after unsafe intercourse. Its effectiveness can be 90 percent but there comes a failure rate of 10 percent too. Take extra precautions so that you can avoid taking such medicines in the future and have healthy planned sex to avoid complications.

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