What to Eat to Break a Full Day Fast?

Health Tips to Break a Full Day Fast? Keeping a fast known as Vrat for a full day long is an integral part of the culture and tradition in India. There are several festivals and rituals in India where women keep fast for a full long day without any meal and water; they only drink water or food after breaking the fast, not while they are fasting.

If you are aiming to break after fasting for the whole day, then eat light meals with certain foods or beverages. You should not eat anything that is so heavy or overeat because overeating or heavy meal makes you feel uncomfortable, bloating or gas and many other complications.

What to Eat to Break a Full Day Fast?
What to Eat to Break a Full Day Fast?

So here we will learn What to eat to break a full long day’s fast?

Coffee- Coffee can be used to break a long day of fasting, but it should generally be drunk without additional sugar, milk, or cream.

When your fast is over, fluids are a gentle approach to providing your body with nutrition through fluids like milk, fruit juices, or blended drinks like smoothies. They provide adequate nutrients without affecting the digestive system.

Dried fruits- Dried fruit is a wonderful alternative for breaking your fast. Dates which are widely used to break fasts and dates are also a rich source of nutrients. The effects of raisins and apricots might be the same.

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Vegetables or Vegetable Soup- When breaking fast, boiled, steamed or soft cooked vegetables with a lot of starch, such potatoes are an excellent choice. Veggies and vegetable soup are also great meals after a fast. Avoid eating raw vegetables.

Soup- Legumes and soy soups that include both protein and simple carbs can aid with a gentle fast break. Avoid soups that have a lot of heavy cream or fibre.

Curd- Digestion has typically benefited from homemade curd. That is still true even after starving yourself for hours.

Fruits or Fruits Juice- You should feed your body the light, most easily-digested foods after breaking your fast. Fruit juices and raw fruits like bananas, banana shakes, apples, watermelons, and others are edible and simple to digest.

Start with gastrointestinal-friendly meals and beverages when you’re ready to break your long day’s fast. Avoid eating food that is particularly high in fibre, sugar, and fat. Moreover, watch out for overeating. Do not eat processed foods immediately after breaking fast; instead, focus on veggies and healthful fats.

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