Pros and Cons of Having Sex During Period

Pros and Cons of Sex During Period, Sex During Mensuration: Having sex while on your period is not a problem. Whether or if you two feel comfortable engaging in a physical connection at different times is entirely up to you. But if you’ve never tried having sex during a period, you can feel uncomfortable, or you might not completely enjoy the situation.

However, having sex during periods has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. We will discuss the same benefits and drawbacks with you today.

Pros and Cons of Having Sex During Periods
Pros and Cons of Having Sex During Period

Advantages/Pros of Having Sex During Period:

Relief from period cramping

Having sex during periods gives relief from cramps and pain caused by periods. Menstrual cramps are caused by the uterus contracting to release its lining, resulting in menstrual cramps. The muscles of your uterus and vagina also contract during intercourse, which relieves cramps.

Relief from stress

Sex during periods improves your blood circulation, reduces your exhaustion, and stress, as well as helps to reduce your mood swings. You may also be surprised to know that having sex during your period is more exciting than the rest of the day.

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Shorter your period duration

According to some research, many women claim that for those who have sex during mensuration, their period’s duration is much shorter. Sex during periods can shorten your menstrual cycle. During an orgasm, the contents of the uterus are pushed out more quickly by muscle contractions. As a result, the duration of the period may be shorter.

Increased lubrication promotes sex drive

Intercourse during periods, your flow acts as more of a lubricant, which increases the pleasure as well. If necessary safety measures are adopted, then period sex is safe. With the right use of contraception to prevent sexually transmitted infections during periods. Hence women can undoubtedly take advantage of sex during periods.

Additionally, having sex during your period makes you feel more intimate with your spouse. An increased libido that one may experience at this time is quite helpful for sexual engagement. Because of this, the pleasure is stronger, and you might even prefer it to sex on regular days.

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Sex during your period relieves your headache

Many women have menstrual migraine problems, they abstain from sexual activity during migraine attacks, but according to some reports, having sex reduces their pain.

Disadvantages/Cons of Having Sex During Period:

  • During periods, the possibility of sexually transmitting an STD is yet a major worrying one. These viruses are blood-borne and can be transmitted through contact with menstrual blood.
  • Its biggest drawback is the disturbance caused by having sex during your periods. Especially if you have a heavy flow, blood can spill on you, your partner and the linen.
  • In addition to making the bed messy, bleeding could make you feel embarrassed.
  • If you’re worried about creating a mess, the fun of having sex can be a bit less.
  • Another drawback is that it is possible to become pregnant while having period sex, so it’s crucial to use protection.
  • Women are more vulnerable to some illnesses during their periods because the pH of vaginal fluid decreases at this time, increasing the possibility of bacterial vaginosis and fungal infection.

However, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy sex as much during your period as you do otherwise if you take the proper measures.

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