Why Abortion Is Bad For Women Health, Side Effects of Abortion

Why Abortion Is Bad For Women Health, Side Effects of Abortion: Abortion is not the good things for a woman. It may be a constitutional right. It may solve a particular issue. But abortion is never the good things. It is very bad for the child, who is a unique living human being since that duration of conception. Because it kills the baby in a womb, abortion is seriously wrong. What we often fail to see, though, is that the abortion is also bad for the woman who aborts.

Medical abortions conducted in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy have a very low risk of complications. This thing is the same as when a woman has a natural miscarriage. These issues may perhaps be treatable by a doctor. But their many various health problems that woman have experienced due to abortion.

Below are details of the abortion risks or Why abortion is bad for women

1) A pregnant woman experiences a certain secret. She is concealing something special, something that is associated with her and that no one else knows or can know until the perfect time. The biological changes to her reflect the fuller human reality that she is working to create a new lifestyle. Not only her body, but her spirit too is wrapped in the work of giving life. Abortion interrupts this. The woman leaving the abortion centre feels empty. She is frustrated. This frustration works itself out in very practical ways. It affects the mother’s body.

2) Abortion is bad for women. It affects her body and wounds her heart too. It is not something a woman wants. To keep a baby is a great human, creative act. Abortion is a technical and mechanical solution to an economic or material problem. Abortion irritates this most creative act a person can do. It leaves a woman feeling guilty, an empty, violated shell.

3) Destroying Women Health- Woman who has had abortions suffer a higher risk of anxiety, a Serious feeling of grief ness and depression.

4) An incompetent cervix poses risks for future pregnancies -particularly during the second trimester such as premature birth, pregnancy loss.

5) Abortion Risk – Effect on Future Pregnancies, Complications associated with an abortion, or having several abortions, Low birth weight, Preterm birth, Vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy, Placenta issues, retained placenta etc.

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