Why not take medicines regularly, side effects on body

Why not take medicines regularly, effects on body: Medicines have become a vital part of our life because everyone needs them at least once in the life. Medicines are there to fight  the illnesses and improve our health, but if you misuse or on regular medication then your health is considerably damaged and have many allergic reactions, especially those used over a long period of time, can have side-effects on, hair, skin teeth, nails and body shape, affecting your entire appearance.

In some cases, the looks are so clearly impacted that it is obvious to a doctor that the person is in regular medicine. Not all medications have such side-effects, of course. Let’s take a look at some that do-


Steroids, increasingly prescribed for various ailments like asthma, allergies, arthritis and skin problems, can bring on pimples. Birth control pills used to treat women disorders often start or worsen spots on the face. The pills may leave you with pale, dark patches on the cheeks.

Vitamin B12, which is enthusiastically taken to improve the skin, can produce pimples on some people.

Taking regular medication can mark the skin in other ways too. Birth control ACTH, a medicine which may be prescribed to chronic sufferers of asthma, arthritis or allergies, can produce dark patches.


Particular medicines given to epileptics can enlarge the gums so much that the gums show more than the teeth, a blackish-purple line may develop around the margin of the gums.


Regular  Medicines can have unwanted side-effects on the hair as well. Anti-thyroid medicines and anti-coagulants can set off your hair loss.

Weight Gain And Body Shape

Your medications can provide relief and an extra weight as well. Asteroid could allow you to look heavier in yet another way. Like oral contraceptives, they cause the body to maintain liquid, which ups your weight and gives you a swollen look. The bloating is most obvious on hands, face, chests, and legs.

Tonics that assurance for making children usually grow are appetite stimulants. They could make a child eat more and put on weight, with not be certain that he will also increase height.

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