Why People of India Becoming Fat Fast Nowadays?

Why People of India Becoming Fat Fast Nowadays?

In India, cases of obesity and overweight are rapidly increasing nowadays. People today gain weight for a variety of unhealthy reasons, which has become a serious issue in the country. Consumption of high-energy items such as processed foods and beverages with sugar is thought to be a significant contributor to the obesity trend in Indian cities that makes people fat very fast.

Overweight and obesity developing like the trend in countries nowadays, continuously rising in metropolitan areas in India. For a variety of factors, people in India are currently becoming fat fast. Let’s examine each one in more detail.

 Why People of India Becoming Fat Fast Nowadays?
Why People of India Becoming Fat Fast Nowadays?

Changing Food Habits

One of the primary causes of obesity is poor eating behaviour. In India, dietary preferences and family consumption patterns have changed. Different to the tradition of Indian eating a lavish meal together, now anyone may get easily whatever they want to eat. Nowadays, people eat fatty foods instead of traditional homemade nutrient foods and eat processed, packaged foods that are high in trans-fat and unsaturated sugar, which contribute to obesity.

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Unhealthy lifestyle

Being overweight is one cause of not exercising and engaging in sedentary activities like watching television and using mobile for a long time.

Lack of Caloric Balance

Fat is generally caused by an increase in caloric consumption per body weight per day because of unrestricted availability of energy-dense foods in places like restaurants, food courts, and street food as well as insufficient dietary knowledge in people. Eating more calories than your body requires, will be stored as fat and you could gain more weight.

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Additionally, fat contributes to stress that might result from a sign that change in lifestyle, professional demands, and a lack of free time for outdoor activities. The stress hormone cortisol is released by the body when a person is under stress. Increased cortisol increases appetite, which leads people to prefer high-calorie foods in such circumstances, which causes them to gain weight fast.

Irregular Sleeping Habits

A healthy body and mind depend on getting up and going to bed early. The increased appetite that persists even after a large meal can result from irregular sleeping patterns. People in India may get obese as a result of their propensity of staying up late. An irregular sleep schedule disrupts metabolism and results in an irregular hormone synthesis, which can cause several illnesses and ultimately lead to becoming fat fast.


Drinking particularly excessive amounts of Alcohol/ Beer can make you gain weight in a variety of ways, including by preventing your body from burning fat, being heavy in calories, making you feel hungry, and influencing you’re eating choices.

The use of various steroids, several high blood pressure medications, and diabetes medications on a daily basis is also correlated to weight gain. Conditions like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, and polycystic ovarian syndrome all make people obese.

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