Twist Braid Hairstyle Ideas, Tips & Care

Braid hairstyles are pretty and attractive and are quickly becoming a famous trend for superstars like Jessica Alba and non-celebrities as well. Twists are also a top favorite styles in black hairstyles along with braids.  The best thing about braids is their multiple kinds and patterns. Long hair is best for braiding. Braids are a beautiful, feminine and convenient way to style your longer hairs From side braids and classic French braids etc.

Twist Braid Hairstyle Ideas, Tips & Care

Let’s look the different type of braid hairstyles that look awesome and are easy to do-

1. Dramatic Triple Braid: If you are running out of the way to design your lengthy hair, give this impressive yet simple triple braid hairstyle a go! You can rock this overstated hairstyle with a simple tee as well as rugged denim jeans. Being stylish has never been this simple!

2. Box braids: This kind of braid involves the use of hair extensions and is extremely popular with the American community, as well as many other females. It is also most preferred long-lasting of braid hair-styles, but it can also take a lot of a chance to do. If you don’t already have a hair-stylist, find one near you that focuses primarily on Box braids.

3. Heidi braids: Heidi braids are designed when two braids are crossed at the nape and brought around the head. These are fun and flirty, and more suitable for longer hairs.

4. Classic French braids: For long and medium hair, French braids are a vintage and elegant hairstyle to try. It can be hard to do at first, but once you get the cling of it, you’ll be plaiting your hair in no time.

5. Side braids: This style is Perfect for both long and medium hair lengths, side braids are an exciting way to mix up a braided look. You can even do side part braids if you have layers, although it’s simpler if the layers are close to the chin area or layers in the back.

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