Women Sex Life After Having a Baby, Important Things to Know

Women’s Sex Life After Having a Baby, Important Things to Know: Childbirth can be very challenging for any woman, despite the fact becoming a mother is one of the happiest experiences in the world. However, women’s sexual lives begin to change when they get pregnant, and they often experience considerable changes after giving childbirth. The facts regarding female sex life after having a baby are covered in this article.

Women Sex Life After Having a Baby, Important Things to Know
Women Sex Life After Having a Baby, Important Things to Know

After having a baby, it’s challenging for women to think about their sex life. Usually, their sexual life reduces for some time after delivering childbirth for various reasons.

Here we will talk about the reasons why female sex life after childbirth is so difficult:

Hormonal Changes

When the baby is delivered, the sex life often undergoes substantial change. It is important to consider the hormonal fluctuations and fatigue women suffer.

Anxiety caused by one’s physical appearance

Because of their loose abdomen skin, larger breasts, stretch marks, scars, and extra weight, new mothers find it challenging to imagine themselves with the same drive and self-confidence as before. These changes may have an impact on how sexy you feel about yourself because it won’t likely be in the same shape, and adjusting to the new circumstances takes time and patience.

Loss of libido after having a baby

The most common step in the birth process is recovery from a vaginal or C-section delivery. The reasons behind this are that after giving birth to your child, the tissues of the vagina become thin, and you also experience vaginal dryness which weakens or eliminates a woman’s healthy libido.

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Vaginal Trauma

Many women go through a condition known as dyspareunia after giving birth, where penetration during sexual intercourse becomes particularly brutal. It could cause females to experience sex as physically and mentally draining.

Because the muscles have been stretched after childbirth, some new mothers and their partners find sex less enjoyable. Although this is a short-term problem, the muscles start to tone up again over time. For this, further pelvic floor exercises might be beneficial. 


Breastfeeding is a common practice after a baby is born. Breast milk leakage during intercourse is a possible concern for breastfeeding women. While breastfeeding is also a primary cause of low oestrogen levels, low oestrogen levels can also result in a dry vagina. You might also feel fatigued, stressed, and sleep-deprived.

Baby is the first priority

Once the baby is born, having intercourse and being intimate with your partner becomes difficult. A new mother prioritizes their baby above everything else, she undoubtedly has less time and is more exhausted. It frequently causes couples to become overburdened with baby care and impacts their sexual lives.

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All of the above issues impact a woman’s sex life after giving birth, but they ultimately go away and things usually return to normal. but it takes some time and patience to get used to the altered situation. Despite any pain or discomfort experienced during intercourse after giving birth, these feelings typically go away over time. However, certain all-natural libido enhancers help you overcome low libido issues and improve oestrogen levels to help you overcome vaginal dryness.

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